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SERAPHINA for the Meyer family — GA

Sarah has always wanted to be a mother, she knew she wanted to adopt and wanted to raise children with special needs. Growing up in a family where she got to witness children come and go through the foster care system, arriving alone, learning to be a part of a family, and leaving to spend the rest of their lives with a new forever family, was such an amazing experience. Even as a teenager, she knew that she wanted to give children that feeling of belonging to a family, when they had none. Now as an adult, she is ready to take that step.

Sarah had been looking into adoption and following waiting children’s stories for quite some time when she first saw and fell in love with a little girl on Reece’s Rainbow. She knew instantly that this little girl was meant to be her daughter and committed to bring her home, but this past January, the country where this little girl was born, closed it’s doors to American adoptions. Sarah still feels committed to that little girl, but acknowledges that God is in control of this journey and after lots of consideration and prayer, she is moving forward to give another child the love of a mother and hopefully, down the road, the joy of a sister. Sarah has fallen in love again, with another sweet girl known as ‘Seraphina’.

Bringing ‘Seraphina’ home is truly a blessing. She will be loved and cherished by everyone who meets her and already holds a very special place in Sarah’s heart. Your prayer and financial contributions towards ‘Seraphina’s’ journey home, is truly appreciated.


Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at

$2450.96 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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