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JJ 2013Boy, born August 2008

J.J. is one of the sweetest little boys you will ever meet, and has no place to go but up! He needs a family excited about meeting him where he is and giving him every opportunity to shine.

It is believed that J.J. has spina bifida and hydrocephalus. He does not walk, but scoots around the orphanage where he lives. He is social and enjoys being part of any activity happening at the home. J.J. cannot receive the treatment and care that he needs in his country.


Update June 2013:
JJ is one of the most uncomplicated kids I know. He is never complaining about anything. He’s sitting the whole day on his pot because they say he can’t control when he needs to go to the toilet because he’s lamed but I am not convinced of this, I think he can really train this because I tried to train it with him and he was getting better. He’s not really walking because of his crossed legs but he’s so so fast in a kind of crawling. And he tries to walk. He comes to me, holds my hands and he‘ s able to walk somehow. His legs look terrible. I think when he gets a family he needs to be operated again. I just know they operated him several times in Kampala. JJ is very good in keeping himself busy when he is alone. Sometimes I observe him and he’s singing or talking with himself but he is not mentally disabled. He’s the first who knew my name when I came last year. He understands everything and he speaks. He just needs attention like all the kids do. Always when he gets attention he’s the happiest person in the world, and his eyes are always shining. He’s motivated to walk. He’s motivated for nearly everything. He will melt anyone’s heart. He really is a clever and loving little boy.

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