Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Boy, born February 2011atwarrior150
Down syndrome, strabismus, congenital heart defect


What a serious little guy!  Such lovely eyes, and his fuzzy hair is adorable!  He’s so young; perfect age to find a family and get early intervention services.


Update July 2013:  Edgar is a big boy and the oldest in his groupa.  He can crawl and walks all around the edges of the big group playpen with good speed while holding on. He really needs to learn to walk edgarjuly2013independently before he can go up to the next groupa and play with the kids his own.  The nannies were working on getting him to walk without holding on during our visit.  He does not like strangers, but made great eye contact with me.  It took a little work to get him to smile.  He plays independently with toys, even stopping another child from taking his play piano!  I think he might try to take the other children’s toys, because once I saw him separated from his whole groupa in a playpen by himself for the two hours they were outside.   His groupa gets to go outside twice a day in the shade on nice days. He didn’t cry, just entertained himself.  This sweet boy needs a mama to help him soak up the sunshine and give him the chance to reach his full potential in an environment that is age-appropriate. This is a wonderful orphanage to come to, with caring nannies and excellent nutrition.  Many volunteers come in regularly.   Last week a volunteer came in to play her accordion for his groupa!  Many of the children in his groupa have visitors regularly, but I never saw anyone come to visit him.


$4838.06 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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