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Lanie (L)

Girl, born August, 2006
Developmental delays; moderate level of hearing loss
Monitored by cardiologist:  auricular septal defect, but no restrictions.  History of tuberculosis of lymphatic nodes in her babyhood.

Lanie is very quiet, deliberate, she likes to play individual games. She builds towers from the toy-blocks, puts the pyramid from the rings, likes to play with Legos, flips through books, tears to pieces sheets of paper, she takes items from one box and puts into another.  The functional playing dominates in her games.  She is interested in various toys and activities. She explores the surroundings, likes to smell the objects. The focus of attention is not sufficient, she gets quickly distracted.

From 2011 Report:  She is eager to communicate with adults. She does not differentiate between familiar people and strangers. Her language is incomprehensible. She likes to look over and notices the details of the clothes and jewelry  She watches her surroundings and actions of the other people. She says some meaningful words: “bye”, “mummy”, “what’s here”, “I want to poop”. She tries to repeat the words and movements: clapping “katu-katu”, “viru-viru kose” (it is the game played counting the fingers). She understands some of the words, which describe the movements. She can show the clothes, which she wears, and some parts of the body also. She tries to take off and put on her shoes and socks, to button the buttons. She performs simple tasks. She feeds herself and drinks from the cup independently. She draws the lines on the paper and is very interested in these lines. She has started playing story-games: she carries and cradles her dolls, makes the porridge and tea on the sand, offers to drink it and etc.

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