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Aurora (L)

AuroraGirl, born April 2002
General delays of speech & development; cerebral paralysis atonic-astatic form; wears glasses for convergent squint and farsightedness

Listed: April 12, 2012


Aurora has been in the orphanage since 2005.  She is being prepared to go to school. Special educator, speech therapist work with her intensively. The girl is active, willingly participates in group and in individual activity. Communicates with all the children. Wishes to be a leader, creates hers own rules. Is interested in puzzles, mosaics. Plays with dolls willingly. Likes thumbing and coloring books. Actively participates in games. Is able and likes ranging toys. Prosecutes orders willingly. She keeps to tasks consciously. Understands everyday vocabulary well, performs simple daily orders. Especially likes drawing classes. She recognizes main colors. When she gets angry, she persists, keeps silence and does not speak. Self-clean and hygiene skills formed. Orients in closest environment well. The girl is lovely, kind and smiling.

UPDATE November 2013:
Aurora attends a specialized secondary school for children who have speech development problems. She is in the 4th grade now. She likes to go to school, but still her motivation for learning is low. She is taught at the general level. The girl is confident in her self and very active. Independent, but is easy to distract her and she is impulsive. If there is enough stimulation – she will always perform well and will take care of herself. She chooses people with whom she is friendly, but with some persons she may be not polite.

Among the children of her age tries to get a leader‘s position. Sometimes she may pick on other children. When she is in her good mood she would play with all children and especially boys. Her hygienic skills are in place. Can take care of her own body. Is able and can take care of her room, can wash dishes, and wash her clothes. She helps other girls to do their hair. She knows the time, has very good orientation in the environment. She understands the value of money, but she goes to the shop with an adult. She knows how to work in a team. Aurora very much likes to paint and color, play with the computer. The top achievement – started to read book and she reads fairy tails. She participates in the dancing group.

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