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Edward #4-6

DOB: 2004
Diagnosis: mild developmental delays
Edward is 8 years old and currently lives in an orphanage for older children. Though he just turned 8, he is very small for his age. He just completed kindergarten and will attend first grade in the fall. He is considered mildly delayed. Developmentally, he’s making significant progress in all areas of his development. His self-help skills are appropriate for his age: he is toilet trained; he washes his hands before and after meals, dresses himself and puts his shoes on himself, feeds himself and folds his own clothes. He is instructed in independent living skills as part of his life at the orphanage and it is reported that he works well independently. He walks, runs and plays team sports. His fine motor skills have slight delays in that he still has difficulty at times with buttons and zippers on clothes. He is learning to write and can draw pictures such as a sun and a tree. He knows his left from right, all his colors and numbers 1-10. He can identify animals, understands the concepts of day and night, understands directional words such as “front” and “back” and knows the days of the week and the seasons. He talks in short sentences and his vocabulary continues to improve. He correctly asks and answers questions. He can identify objects by name both in his environment and in photos. He recognizes right from wrong and plays with the other children in the group. He enjoys attention from adults. He has difficulty concentrating at times and during group activities, he prefers games that involve cooking or house cleaning. He’s made significant progress in all areas of development since beginning school and receiving direct instruction.

We have several additional photos and videos of Edward. In the videos, he is talking, singing, reciting rhymes and telling about a recent vacation. The translator reports that he has quite the sense of humor too. Photos and videos are from August 2012 and we do have several photos and videos that are older too.

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