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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Male, Born August, 2011
Down syndrome


This baby boy’s birth parents have made the decision to make an adoption plan for him based on their financial situation. They would like him to be in a family who can provide all of the medical, emotional and financial support he will need.  The agency will provide prospective adoptive parents Kaden’s medical, social history, birth certificate, etc. files.


Country Requirements:

  • Parents must be between the ages of 30 and 48.
  • Parent’s Combined Annual Income must be $80,000.
  • Parents must be healthy with a standard BMI.
  • Both parents must have attended a college with at least one parent having a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.
  • Couples must be married at least 5 years.
  • Each parent can have no more than one previous marriage.
  • Parents must have no criminal history.

An agency grant is available to help with Kaden’s adoption.

$1135.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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