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Angela (1)

Angela June 2013Angela (1)Girl, born Feb 2001
Diagnosis:  severe grade of the mental delay, hydrocephalus, fibrosis of hyaloid, secondary glaucoma, exfoliation/detachment of retina, congenital defect of the heart partition

Listed: February 13, 2012

UPDATE JAN 2017.  By no small miracle, Angela was transferred to a GOOD orphanage, not the institution. She is BEAUTIFUL and WALKING.    We are not permitted to share the photo on the profile here, but we’re praying a family steps forward and is the difference between life as an orphan and life as a cherished daughter.

Angela is very small for her age.  She needs a family!

From a mom who met her:  “We sponsor this little girl thru an orphan ministry.  Today I held her and swung her for an hour this morning. Every time I’ve seen her, she is joyful. She nestled into me today and I wept for her. What a sweet girl. She is very delayed but is growing.  I doubt she’ll ever be able to walk and has a lot of medical needs. But can’t we try & find her a family?  She can hold herself up in a sitting position.”

Update June 2013: 
She is so sweet. She is blind, but follows with her head your voice and she smiles very big when you talk to her! She has such potential but is in a bed!!

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