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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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GretaGirl, born November 1998
Down syndrome



Mama, are you out there?  Please come get me!  We are so happy for the chance to help sweet Greta find her family.

Greta is very petite; more the size of a 5 year old than the 13 year old she actually is.  Developmentally, she is quite delayed, probably closer to a 3-4 year old.  In many ways, she is toddler like. Greta is missing out on the essential things in life- a mama and daddy to teach her the things she needs to know, school lessons to maximize her potential for learning, and hope for a future.

From a family who visited with her in September 2012:  “Greta desperately desires to be loved and shown affection. It broke our hearts to see how desperate she was for attention. She would climb up us before we even knew what was happening and was clinging to us. She probably needs to go to a family that can devote a lot of one on one attention to her, and that she be the youngest child, because she can get aggressive when she is jealous for attention. I hope this helps her find a family.”


From a family who visited with her in August 2012:  “Love Greta!  She climbed over the playpen wall to hug on me.   She’s walking now, thanks to a team of foreign therapists who worked in that groupa.  She has so much potential- but needs a lot of love and a family!  I just know there has to be a family out there for this thin, wiry little girl, a family who likes to play and be energetic :)

More photos available!   Married couples only.  Large families and older parents welcome.  *** Families with adoptive experience and a completed home study would be the best option for Miss Greta. ***

$19810.36 is available towards the cost of my adoption!
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