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Nettie #226

DOB: 2005
Diagnosis: delays with no specific diagnosed special needs

Nettie was raised by her family after birth. She was placed in an orphanage at 13 months old and transferred to another orphanage for older children when she was 4 years old. Her gross motor skills are well developed. She walks, runs, kicks a ball and plays sports. She can dress and undress herself and put her shoes on and off. She folds her clothes and is learning to make her bed. She washes her hands and brushes her teeth. She feeds herself, but does not yet clean up after herself after meals. She plays appropriately with toys and participates in games with other children. She sometimes have a difficult time understanding the rules of the games. She colors with colored pencils. She understands everything that is said to her and follows simple verbal directions. Her speech is significantly delayed and her inability to communicate with the staff and other children cause great frustration. She is hyperactive and moves quickly between activities. It is difficult for her to learn due to her lack of focus and hyperactive behavior. She is described as impulsive with non-purpose driven behaviors. She has a difficult time “warming up” to strangers and is very attached to familiar staff. A very detailed psychological report is available.

UPDATE 2013:

She has moderate mental delay. Her physical development is normal. She walks stably and takes part in the gymnastics activities. She goes up and down the stairs stably. Good coordination of the legs and the arms.She can dress and undress, put on and off her shoes. She also tidies up her clothes on a chair. She has delayed speech development. She understands the meaning of words and sentences but it is difficult for her to pronounce sounds and words,  She can’t yet focus her attention on a given object even for a short time; she doesn’t have the required discipline.

$337.87 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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