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Boy, Born July, 2010
Blind and cleft palate


This resilient little boy was very small and weak at intake and was diagnosed with cleft lip and palate and blindness when he came into care at approximately 2 months old. The orphanage decided to move him to a therapeutic care facility in a different city to receive more specialized treatment. Once there he gained weight quickly and after just one month his overall health and development improved.

Warren is now able to sit in a baby seat, hold his head up for several minutes, and turn over without help. He smiles when played with or his name is called, and he can hold a toy and grab a hand. He likes to kick often too, and his arm and leg development is reported to be good. He is now an excellent eater and is not picky with food. His caregivers are hoping to schedule him for cleft lip and / or palate repair surgery soon. Further assessment on his vision impairment is needed. This child needs a family that has experience with vision issues, access to appropriate resources for vision impaired children and cleft lip and palate services and resources, and understands the social impact of blindness.

$2,110.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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