Boy, Born May 2004

Severe Mental Developmental Delay, Mild Physical Disability, and Epilepsy

Listed:  November 3, 2011

Cullen has been through WAY too many living situations and he needs a true *forever family*.  The agency can provide more details on this for you.

Cullen was born prematurely at 32 weeks gestation and was kept alive on an incubator for 4 days. His birth mother reported that she used amphetamine weekly since 16 weeks gestation, but Cullen was not reported to have any withdrawal symptoms. Cullen was diagnosed with cerebral hypoplasia. The EEG report showed that his brain displayed electronic activity, but no abnormal findings were seen in the brain waves. Cullen was diagnosed with severe mental developmental delay, mild physical disability(lower extremities),  and was suspected with autism but has no diagnosis. He  is on medicine treatment for his epilepsy (Depakine, 4.5cc daily).

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