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Kade #16-2


Kade_June 2016


Kade 2014DOB: 2002
Diagnosis: Down syndrome, asthma

Listed: October 9, 2011

2014 UPDATE:  Kade was moved out of an institution and into a group home in 2014.  He is described as sensitive, with alert look, inquisitive, willful, contact and adaptive to the group. He is oriented in his immediate social environment and in the scheme of his own body. The fine motor skills are developed and all main motion skills have been mastered. He understands and carries out all commands and makes attempts to pronounce some words. He is very energetic with great desire for all kinds of motion games, and is well coordinated and purposeful. Kade feeds himself, dresses himself, and is completely toilet trained. His favorite activity is to listen to music and dance and he shows off on all festivities. His expressive and impressive speech is poor and he has limited vocabulary but he pronounces conscious syllables and words. He imitates objects from everyday life when they are mentioned. He likes to help to take care of the other children in the institution. He is interactive with the other children from the group. He can start playing with any toy. He draws by imitation within the limits of the paper. He likes to play with stuffed, musical and mechanic toys and he uses them according to their purpose. He can play for a long time with them.

Photos and videos from December 2014 are available through the agency.

Kade is currently living in a mental institution but is doing very well. He is attending school in the local village. His gross and fine motor skills are well developed. He colors inside the lines, feeds and dresses himself and is toilet trained. His expressive and receptive language is developed. He answers to his name, follows directions and repeats the names of objects. He participates in games and seeks out contact with other children. He enjoys playing with stuffed animals, musical toys and mechanical toys.

His play is appropriate. He is impulsive and will get upset if he doesn’t get his way. However, he is not aggressive toward himself nor toward other people.  He has a short attention span and will often give up easily when an activity is too hard and ask to do something else instead.  Kade is described as calm, inquisitive, headstrong, sensitive and communicative.

Update from Feb 2013: Kade is toilet trained, feeds and dresses himself, says some words, follows directions, and is not aggressive. He attends special education classes taught by teachers who come to the institution for instructional time. He is active and enjoys playing outside and staying busy. He enjoys the attention from the staff and will act silly to get them to pay attention to him. We have several current photos and a video of him. In the video, he is playing on playground equipment, following directions, joking around with staff and making funny faces at the camera and you can hear him say a few words too. He is living in a mental institution, but he is well cared for and doing quite well.

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