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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Stephie #49-4

Stephie2_2013-e1372005942427Girl, born 1999

Diagnosis: Down syndrome & alopecia


Stephie is a beautiful teenager who is currently living in a wonderful foster family that is taking great care of her. Her foster parents want to see her adopted into a loving family and have worked very hard to help Stephie grow and develop to reach her full potential.

Stephie has alopecia (hair loss). She does have hair on her head, but since it is thin, her foster parents bought her a wig. They did not want her to be made fun of by other children. Stephie wears the wig with no problems.

Stephie has well developed motor skills, speech and self help skills. She understands everything that is said to her and also talks quite a bit. Like many children with Down syndrome, she struggles with articulation, but she does actively engage in conversation and is a very friendly and social young lady. She just completed 3rd grade at a school for children with special needs and is doing very well in school. Her school report indicates that she is very well behaved and follows all the school rules. She has proper hygiene and preforms all hygienic tasks independently (toileting, washing hands, dressing, tying, buttons & zippers, etc). She eats independently and neatly, using a fork, spoon and napkin correctly and cleans up her plate when she’s done. She can also make a sandwich on her own. She identifies and writes some of her letters and can count and identify numbers 1-5. She can write numbers 1-3. She can identify and name many objects by category, participates in musical and situation games, plays and other events.

Several additional photos and videos from June 2013 are available.

$11845.95 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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