Cate was born in November, 2002

Isn’t she lovely?  Cate is said to be a very nice girl who desperately needs a family.
Cate has heart issues, and her diagnoses are as follows:  discordant atrioventricular junction, corrigent transposition of magistral vessels, coronary-left ventricle fistula, complete atrioventricular heart block


Cate does have some facial features of FAS, families considering her adoption should be educated on the spectrum effects of fetal alcohol syndrome and the challenges of adopting older children.


$185.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!


This child is in a region that is currently not open to adoptions. We are no longer able to accept new donations for this child. The current grant funds will remain with this child until the unrest is resolved or the children become permanently unavailable for adoption.

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