“21 Days of Hope”


March 1- 21, 2016


This is a critical campaign to support our Voice of Hope
fund, which is what makes *everything RR* possible.

March 21 of every year is “World Down Syndrome Day”, as depicted by the 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome.  This is celebrated by hundreds of Down syndrome advocacy groups around the world.

Our “21 Days of Hope” campaign, focuses on raising money for our Voice of Hope fund.  RR functions completely on private donations, and on less than 10% annually.  These designated donations for our operating costs make it possible for us to continue to provide life-saving service and advocacy for these orphans abroad.

Please click on the image on the right to print out our 21 Days of Hope leaflet! Be sure to read below about our March Miracles Matching Grant!

***You can help us save on Paypal fees by sending a check! Mark the memo line “21 Days of Hope” and mail to
Reece’s Rainbow, PO Box 277, Monrovia, MD 21770 ***

Making a one time donation
Help us raise $21,000 for the Voice of Hope Fund!

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Our 21 Days of Hope Children

This year we are featuring a different child each of the 21 Days of Hope!

March 1-21, help us fundraise for VOH and the 21 featured children!

MATCH THE FUNDS! For each $1000 raised for our Voice of Hope Fund between 1 and 21 March, another designated child will earn a $1000 grant from an anonymous donor!

The goal between March 1-21 is to raise $1000 *each day* (or a total of $21,000).   Just (1) $21 donation from each of our supporters will easily exceed this goal!

*** We have been blessed by a miraculous gift.  A generous anonymous donor has offered us a CHALLENGE.  IF we are able to raise at least $1000 per day for these 21 days, they will MATCH that with a gift of $1000 for each of (21) waiting child grant funds!   That’s $21,000 available to our waiting children if we can meet this Voice of Hope goal. ***

*** REMEMBER:  the goal for this 3 weeks is to meet the $1000 per day requirement so one child will earn a  $1000 grant for their adoption.   Grants will be posted *as we meet the VOH goal*!   Please post this on ALL blogs, add our blog buttons and donation buttons, share on Facebook and Twitter, and give YOUR $21 gift ASAP!

Thank you to all!!

Our 21 Days of Hope Children

(chosen by our leadership team)
As each $1000 is raised, the next child on the list will meet their goal and will be given their $1000 grant!

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The featured child will change automatically each day so your button will have each of our 21 featured children.

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