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Rita #25-4

DOB: April 2005
Diagnosis: Congenital Multiple Arthorgryposis

2012 Update:
Rita is doing very well physically and developmentally. She is considered “clinically healthy”.   She is now walking independently.  She has worked hard on mastering skills despite her physical limitations.  She reaches for toys on her own, picks it up, transfers it from one hand to another.  She talks very well.  She imitates and uses phrases.  She asks appropriate questions. She understands everything that is said to her. She is calm. She initiates contacts on her own and interacts with peers, calls them by their name and touches them. She loves to listen to music. She eats from a spoon and is fed by an adult. She doesn’t regulate her physiological needs completely at this point, but she is telling adults when she needs to use the restroom. She is progressing toward independence. Her attention is more stable. She enriches her active vocabulary. With the help from her teacher she succeeds in movements, drawings, in fitting in and operating with buttons of the toys. She can compare and classify objects. She plays with the other girls in her group. She enjoys going on walks with a caregiver and is very observant of her environment.

We have photos and videos of Rita from October 2012 and from August 2011.

Rita is VERY close to “aging out” of her current orphanage. Due to her physical disability, she will be sent to an adult institution when she is transferred if a family does not step forward to adopt her.

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