erika-2015Girl, born October 2009
Down syndrome, heart murmur

We are so excited to be able to advocate for Erika once again!  Her file was previously pulled, but she *IS* currently available for adoption — Let’s not keep her waiting any longer — she needs a family!

Erika is a polite girl who listens to her foster parents and respects them very much. Each time after her foster mother cooks a meal, she will put her palms together devoutly and says “thank you” to her. When guests come, she will greet them politely under the guidance of her parents. Erika has mastered the basic living skills. She can use the toilet by herself, and she can wear shoes, socks and clothes by herself.

She also can eat meals with spoon. Erika has also learned to ride a children’s swing bike. Erika can understand instructions in daily life and can react properly. For example, when foster mother says “Hug” to her every time, she will run towards her mother happily and fall into her embrace. When she finds there are rubbishes on the ground, she will pick them up and put them into the dustbin on her own. After taking off dirty clothes, she will put them into washtub in time. Erika has a quiet character, enjoying listening to slow songs. She likes staying alone, but she is easy to get along with. She never scrambles for foods or toys with other brothers or sisters. She is always modest and full of self-sacrifice spirit. What Erika likes most is a cloth doll. Her foster parents have already started early education for her, in order to improve her cognitive ability.

$10,040.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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