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photoboyBoy, born March 2009
Cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus; seizure

Photos available.

Neil has hydrocephalus and has had a shunt placed to relieve the pressure in his head. Neil does have seizures and is on regular medication for these. He is nonverbal, but easily expresses himself through sounds and actions; it is easy to tell if Neil is hungry, happy or in pain. He has received glasses for a slight vision impairment. Neil can hold his head up and roll over. He is also working on sitting independently, which he can do for several seconds if put in a sitting position.


From someone who works with him:

Neil truly is a joy every day to interact with! He captures the essence of innocence with the way he sweetly watches the world around him and smiles in response to conversation. Though he does experience extremely painful headaches due to hydrocephalus, he responds well to simple Tylenol and can get back to enjoying the rest of the day. Neil absolutely loves to be carried around to look at the blue sky and will laugh and giggle as he sees its beauty. Other than the occasional headaches, Neil stays extremely healthy and his seizures are completely under control on Phenobarbitol. He enjoys holding his own bottle and playing around after he is finished waving it around to amuse himself in an adorable fashion. We are in the process of getting Neil a new special chair that will help him better interact with his environment!

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