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JannaGuardian AngelGirl, born January 2005

NEW PHOTOS!  March 2014


Look at Janna’s long lovely fingers!

Janna has a congenital anomaly of the brain.  Both pictures we have of her she is lying down — she desperately needs a family to rescue her.   Once she is transferred, she will likely be left in bed for the rest of her days.

There are many children in this orphanage who could be adopted together.


From a family who met her in 2012:

I did not see her moving much but she would arch her back occasionally and make a few noises.  She desperately wanted to move though.  Desperately!  She was the only child I ever saw that was given toys (I would suspect it was because the other kids would likely throw them out of the crib but Janna would keep them in the crib and play with them).  The fact that she would play purposefully with toys speaks volumes about her cognitive ability.  She would dangle the toys over her face and wiggle them around.  She could move all of her limbs but did not seem to have enough strength to sit up on her own (although she almost did it).  I do not know if she can roll herself over but when she did move she seemed to have more trunk and upper body strength then I expected.  She was given one opportunity to sit up and be on her tummy and SHE LOVED IT!  She reached for toys and enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror.


If I had to guess (and again it’s just a guess) I would guess that she has hydrocephalus and seizures.  If that is true, I believe the care takers are hesitant to touch or move her.  They may not understand hydrocephalus and seizures and are afraid to trigger one.

What touched me the most was every time I would rub her head or hands she looked at me like it was the most soothing thing that had ever happened to her – I will never forget that look.   It was as if years of horrible memories were released and she soaked up the gentle attention.

My heart is absolutely broken for her… Janna is 7 years old and is living at the orphanage on borrowed time.  It is believed that she will be transferred to a mental institution in September 2012.  However if a family commits to adopt her the orphanage director may keep her at the orphanage until they come.  I cannot even bring myself to think of her life in a mental institution, she is far too sweet and too gentle to deal with what she would experience.  Please…someone…rescue Janna

$7556.96 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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