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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Guardian Angelberkeley2013Girl, Born October 22, 2003

What a stunning, happy little girl!  Berkeley has long blonde hair and beautiful brown eyes.    She was born with clubbed feet, but is able to walk holding on to a fence or hands or the wall.  She is very determined and tries to do everything on her own.  Surgery and therapy could change this little girl’s life!

Berkeley does have strabismus (crossed eye), her records indicate hydrocephaly, but she certainly seems to be doing fine and not showing any signs of cognitive difficulty from that.  She also has hypoplasia of her right kidney.

From her medical records:  The girl had spinal hernia like,  the hernia was successfully operated, that is why the girl can walk now.   As the result of that hernia the girl has incontinence of urine.   Hydrocephaly.   She has shunt in the brain which should be there for few more years.   She is very kind and loving and has lots of friends. ”

Berkeley has SO much potential, and will do so well in a loving family environment!

Older parents and large families welcome.  Married couples only.  Travel required for both parents.  More photos available!

$10326.71 is available towards the cost of my adoption!


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