Alisha June 2013Alisha 2012Girl, Born 2003
Alisha was born with Penn-Sjogren Syndrome.     We do not have any other info indicating why she may be cognitively and physically delayed.  She has cognitive delays, and a divergent squint.

Listed: JAugust 7, 2010

Update 2012:
Little Miss Alisha’s eyesight has regressed significantly.  She needs a family!
She can’t move by herself but she tries to sit. Her speech is not developed. Mental processes are not formed. Ideation is not developed.  Alisha is friendly and quiet. Her emotional world is poor.  She needs care constantly.

Update June 2013:
Look how good she looks! When I saw her she was sitting on the floor with another child, and she reached out and tugged on my pant leg almost like “look at me!”  I said her name, and she gave me a big grin.

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