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Kamdyn #1-6

Kamdyn April 2013DOB: 2009
Diagnosis: Laurence-Moon-Biedl syndrome

Kamdyn has been registered for adoption for over 2 years, during which time her development has been followed closely. She continues to make significant developmental progress as her medical needs are addressed and corrected.

Kamdyn has Laurence-Moon-Biedl syndrome. She is affected by this syndrome in the following ways: She has an additional finger on her right hand; her uterus and right ovary has been removed; Hydronephrosis of the left kidney that has been surgically addressed and astigmatism. She is receiving excellent medical care and remains under the supervision of doctors to ensure that all her needs are addressed as they arise. The surgeon has recommended additional minor surgical procedures, but feels that this could best be done in the US and has recommended that a suitable adoptive family be found for the child in order for her final medical needs to be addressed.

Developmentally, Kamdyn continues to make progress in all areas of her development. She spent the first year of her life confined to a crib while her medical needs were addressed. Since then, she’s made rapid progress. She is walking, goes up/down stairs, climbs on play structures, runs and dances. Her fine motor skills are at age appropriate levels. She grabs with pincer-pliers grip; picks up petite objects, puts them in a bottle with a narrow opening and after that takes them out of it; builds a tower of 7-8 blocks and fits in rings and squares while adapting according to the form. She leafs through the pages of a book with hard covers. Her visual-motor coordination are also on target for her age (hand/eye, hand/hand, hand/eye/mouth). She imitates actions she’s told to copy, points to requested items, gives kisses when asked, finds hidden objects, enjoys “hide and seek” games, and plays appropriately with toys according to their function. She participates in organized activities with the group of children that she lives with. She exhibits leadership skills and appropriate social behaviors when interacting with other children. She stands up for herself and will say “no-no-no” to the other children if they try to “invade her space” or take things from her. She follows verbal directions and responds to her name. She can say several words and phrases. She waves “bye-bye” and blows kisses. She has a good attention span. She feeds herself and is learning to dress herself without assistance. Despite her kidney problems, she is in the process of potty training too.

Additional photos and videos of Kamdyn are available.

$3840.24 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

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