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Alexey June 2013 Boy, Born April 2001

Listed: January 23, 2015

Alexey is considered significantly delayed. He is fully mobile, and oh so handsome! But he has been given a second chance at life, saved from the mental institution and living in this well-kept school setting.

From a family who met him, Sept 2012:  Alexei is really a handsome guy and I think he knows it! He was playing ball with his groupa and is very active. When he was given a cookie from us he said thank you appropriately and made perfect eye contact. He will be a joy to any family with sons at home!

Update June 2013:  Alexey has a very big sweet tooth!  He would not put down his lollipop to take a picture- when asked he told us politely “No, thank you.” 🙂

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