Boy, Born December 16, 2002

Colin has the most striking blue eyes! He was born with CP and is not able to walk on his own yet. His upper body seems to be fine, but his legs are affected by the spasticity. Colin has tremendous potential for improvement with therapy and a loving family. He is medically healthy outside of his CP.

From his medical records: microcephaly, CP, spastic tetraplegia

As with all children living in these difficult conditions, this child’s cognitive development has regressed significantly since he/she was younger. It is of crucial importance that any family considering the adoption of an older child from the mental institution setting be well prepared for what to expect with regards to how the neglect and lack of adequate medical care and nourishment has affected this child. These children all have TREMENDOUS potential for improvement, and deserve to have a life outside these four walls.

This child is in a region that is currently not open to adoptions.