Annie #40-4

Annie-206x300DOB: December 2005

Diagnosis: delays in development -report indicates that due to delayed speech, Autism was initially suspected. However, no formal testing has been done and the child’s development is continuing to improve.

Listed March 2011

Annie’s motor skills are well developed. She walks, runs, catches & throws a ball, climbs, hops on one foot and participates in musical games that require movement. Her fine motor skills are developing as well. She can open/close scissors and is learning to cut with them. She draws on paper, though she is not yet writing letters. She plays with play dough and builds a tower of 12 blocks. She is in the 1st grade and attending school outside the orphanage. She follows verbal directions and responds to her name. She tries to imitate words said by adults. She currently expresses herself non verbally. She is very protective of her possessions. She doesn’t often initiate play with the other children, but she will play close to them. She will join in organized group activities for short periods of time and is very emotionally responsive to familiar adults. She needs extra time to complete tasks and has a short attention span. She stops inappropriate behaviors when redirected by an adult. She feeds and dresses herself. Since she is non verbal, she does not yet indicate that she needs to go to the bathroom on her own, so she is taken on a schedule and is completely toilet trained using this method.

Update March 2014:
She was recently transferred to a mental institution.

The child has moderate mental delay and her neuropsychological development is delayed mostly with regards to her speech. However, as you will see in the videos, the girl is repeating words after an adult and trying to pronounce them as the adult does. She knows and shows all her body parts, she knows how to write the first letter of her name. She also tries to write her full name but still has some difficulties as she is changing the order of the letters. The girl understands everything she is told by adults. She follows instructions and does errands. She is very musical. In the videos you will see her perform dance movements when asked by an adult.

It is obvious that this is a lovely, affectionate child, who seeks adults’ attention, caress and closeness. She is willing to learn new things and I believe that with a constant family environment, providing her with comfort, encouragement, love and attention and with regular individual sessions with a speech therapist, this child could achieve much more progress in her development.
Additional photos & videos are available.

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