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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...
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Niles 14G

htuf -14
Date of Birth: March 2006
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: light brown
Nature: Quiet

Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Niles is just darling!   He is already FIVE, but is blessed to still be at the baby house.   He has really blossomed recently.
From a missionary who visited with him recently:  Niles recently blossomed, his development went faster, he plays with toys, walks, loves attention.  He does have siblings, but they are not available to be adopted.   Both of Niles’ parents have agreed to his adoption and hope for a family for him.
Niles’s grant of 1612.89 has been gifted to Tayte.  
***This child is in a country that is currently not accepting new commitments. We can no longer accept grant donations or inquiries for this child, but we have not given up on any of these children and encourage all of our Prayer Warriors to continue their efforts! When and if this country program re-opens for adoptions, we will relist this child and begin seeking an adoptive family immediately.***
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