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Girl, born 2006
Craniofacial differences, skull defect with rib graft, has limited vision in right eye. Normal intellectual abilities and normal gross and fine motor abilities.

Listed: October 2017

Honor grasps concepts quickly but is falling behind in school, largely in part due to teasing from other students. She doesn’t like going to school because of the teasing she endures. She is completely independent in self care. Speech is completely fluent/normal in her local language and very advanced in English. She often acts as a translator between the two languages. Her social skills are age appropriate. Her birth date was estimated but she believes she is older than the 2005 birth date given. Positive, energetic, fun-loving, go-getter personality, hard worker, won State Special Olympics (partially blind category) in running. Can translate from English to her local language and back (good grasp on both languages). Good attachments to those she is close with and is affectionate with hugs to people she loves. Enjoys helping with younger children and likes doing crafts.

Honor has a $5000 agency grant offered by a specific grant.

*** I am eligible for an Older Child Grant! Grant funding is dependent on a completed application and available funds.
For more information, visit: Other Angels Older Child Grant ***