BRONSON and SOPHIE for the Polson family — MN

Samantha and Caleb have been a happy couple for the last 13 years. They met at an outdoor festival in Minnesota, and have been together ever since. After all these years, they still respect and love one another deeply. They have a large extended family that includes 10 wonderful nieces and nephews that they love to spoil and spend time with!

It has been a dream of Samantha’s since she was a little girl to adopt. No one was surprised when they announced their plans to close family to bring home two children from Eastern Europe. Everyone is waiting in anticipation for the arrival of Bronson and Sophie! Caleb and Samantha cannot wait to add to their family, and look forward to the many adventures and challenges that go along with international, special needs adoption!

12/15/2017 — COURT PASSED

$6,074.89 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Bronson has received a $2261.80 Waiting Child Grant.
Sophie has received a $4.50 Waiting Child Grant.