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Girl: 2016

Diagnosis: Down Syndrome

Ohanna was diagnosed with trisomy 21, neonatal asphyxia, aenemia, neonatal conjunctivitis, leftsaphenous vein thrombosis, staphylococcus infection and murmur over the heart.

She is bright and very lively, especially in the contact with adults. Ohanna is quite restless, kicking her legs and waving her hands. She responds and looks towards a sound.  She follows  objects with her eyes , she can fixate her eyes on the face of the adult. If you put 2 blocks in her hand, she can hold them. Ohanna can catch a rattle, hold it and shake it. She doesn’t look at the rattle while shaking it. 

She doesn’t put her hands towards objects. She doesn’t vocalize and she can’t communicate with a smile. As for the gross motor skills, she can turn from her side to the back. She poorly keeps her head straight while sitting, neck muscles are weak. The child is floppy. When in prone position, she sometimes can raise her head and look at the toy in front of her.

$585.90 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption, including $423.90 from MACC donations!

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