JACOB for the Lehman family — MD

Tobin and Jen Lehman have been married for 11 years and have been blessed with three amazing kids; Rhys (8), Kathryn (5), and Elisabeth (2). Tobin runs an missions-minded marketing firm and Jen has been grateful for the opportunity to stay home and homeschool these three children.

Although Tobin and Jen have been aware of God’s heart for orphaned children and even participated in an orphan hosting program in 2014, adoption was not on their radar. But this spring they felt that God was preparing their hearts for the addition of a new child through adoption. Specifically, they felt that they were being specially equipped to welcome a child with special needs. As they thought and prayed about this, they felt that God was continually confirming this as a calling for their family.

Then, they saw a picture of Jacob and they immediately felt the desire to welcome him into their hearts and home. Jacob is six months younger than their youngest daughter and has Down Syndrome and mild heart defects.

Every step of the process has been met with support from their family and confirmation of this decision as provision for the adoption has been made as they have walked through the steps to bring this sweet boy home and show him that he is precious and loved.

They have already paid for and completed their application and home study and are now trusting God to help provide for the next steps. They hope to be able to bring Jacob home in the first part of the new year. They are thankful for the prayers and support of their family and community as they pursue the prize of bringing Jacob to his forever home.

5/1/2018 — TRAVELING in MAY


Jacob has received a $209 Waiting Child Grant.