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Boy, born 2007
Cognitive Delays, Speech Delay, Albinism

Listed: August 2017

Victor was briefly in a program at a home for children who are blind.  He came to the home “pretty broken” and has been sent back to his orphanage. He hadn’t been at the home too long, but progressed, blossomed, and was loved there.

A special family is needed to adopt him quickly so he will not lose that feeling of love and all of his progress. Praying for his family to see him today. He likes to dance, and he likes to find leaves and sticks.

February 2017 update (from the home):
“Victor is still waiting for a family. He has grown very close to his teacher. In the morning the caregivers drop the kids off at school and they walk on their own and wait for their teachers in the classroom. Victor insists every day on waiting for his teacher at the door. He smiles and holds her hand when she comes and they walk upstairs together. He follows her everywhere and she is able to cheer him up if he is having a hard time. It’s been amazing to see their relationship grow but he needs a permanent family to continue encouraging him to grow”

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