ALFRED for the Vis family — Canada

Raymond and Alison Vis met in high school and after losing contact for a few years have now been married for four years. They have two adorable biological children, Katie aged 3 and Ezra aged 1. They have their hands full with two young toddlers and were not planning on expanding their family again so quickly. But, God!

Alison stumbled across the blog of a family who had recently adopted from Eastern Europe and and was instantly drawn to their story. Many late nights and prayers later Raymond and Alison both accepted what they believed to be a calling to expand their family through international adoption of a child with special needs from Eastern Europe.

Raymond and Alison began the process with great urgency, believing that their child was out there somewhere, just waiting to be found. After many ups and downs Alison and Raymond believe that God has relived the child that they are to go and bring home to their family.

This little one will be a twin for Ezra, being only six weeks apart in age. He will also bring a little something extra to the family as he happens to have Down Syndrome and is rocking that extra chromosome!

Mountains are truly being moved to take this little one from lost to loved. Alison and Raymond are so grateful for all support to help get their little one home!

4/26/2018 — FINAL TRIP MAY 27
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