Girl, born 2016
Down syndrome

Listed: June 2017

Every once in awhile you come across a file with the sweetest, heartfelt expressions written about a child. That’s what I found in the file of precious Lilly, who recently turned one. Lilly’s file said things like “She would smile sweetly, just like a little angel without wings,” “She is very cute and favorable,” and “When someone had fun with her, she will smile innocently. It showed that she is a girl with good personality.” It is clear this baby is not only sweet, but adored!

Lilly is a good eater and sleeper and she really likes taking baths. She loves to play in the water and kicking the water with her feet makes her squeal with excitement. Lilly was turning from side to side when her file was prepared and she is receiving physical therapy. The staff believes she is going to continue to surprise them. It is our hope that Lilly can come home to her family before her 2nd birthday!

$1,022.40 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!