Girl, born 2014
Down syndrome, Congenital heart defect, Hexadactylia (two thumbs on each hand)

Pictures & video from 2017 available.

Adorable soon to be three-year-old Jaz loves to watch herself in the mirror. She enjoys clapping her hands, making sounds, and making the other kids very happy! Jaz loves her foster mother and early childhood teacher. She gets along well with the other children in the orphanage, as well as the caretakers there.

Jax’s ASD closed on its own and she has received surgery in July of 2016 to repair her CECD (complete endocardial cushion defect type A). Jaz was originally listed as having some pulmonary hypertension due to her heart needs. In September of 2016, she had a heart echo which showed mild mitral regurgitation and decrease of left ventricular diastolic function. Jaz was crawling at 15 months of age, sitting up at 16 months, standing with support at 22 months, and walking with support at 24 months. Jaz started making sounds by 15 months and saying mama by 17 months. At 18 months she was reacting to her name being called and at 20 months she could follow simple instructions. Jaz is absolutely precious and we hope she finds a family as special as her!

Her current agency has a $5000 grant available.

$49.50 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!