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Gregory #

Boy: 2012

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy

Listed: June 2017

Gregory has lived in a home for children needing medical care since he was five months old. He was born prematurely fourth degree.  No hospitalizations have been required since the placement in the Home for medical and social care.  He is now a five-year-old child with diagnosis Cerebral palsy – quadriparesis syndrome. Microcephaly. Retinopathy. He has a delay in the physical and neuro-psychological development. The child is at apparent age not corresponding to his age, with severely impaired general condition. He is able to hold his head upright for a short period while lying on his belly. Increased muscular tone for lower and upper limbs. He reacts to light, sound, tact and heat sources. He perceives familiar people, looks at objects and faces. He is able to track moving objects with his sight. He does not able to reach a toy, but if it is in his hand, he is able to hold it for a while. He listens to a speech and reacts with smile, turns his head and makes sounds. He expresses positive emotions when someone talks and plays with him. He expresses his emotion with smile, sounds and chaotic waving of hands. He shows different reactions of pleasure – he calms from familiar voice and when is held by someone, he cries when he is hungry and when he is not feeling comfortable. He eats five times a day, blended food only. He eats slow and with breaks. Unsuccessful try to eat solid food, he is not able to chew and has difficulties with swallowing. He is calm while bathing, dressing and undressing.  Since the child was placed in the Home for medical and social care, he eats via a nasogastric probe. The suction and swallowing reflex were renewed. He has started to eat bigger amounts of food and liquids. He is still not able to chew. The weight is below normal for his age. The Anemic syndrome is controlled. Active rehabilitation is conducted. Consultations were conducted with child neurologist, neurosurgeon, ophthalmologist, orthopedist, as well as brain imaging that confirm the basic diagnosis. With assessment from Labour Expert Medical Commission 95% with additional help. There are positive changes in the emotional development.