VINNY for the LeBlanc family — LA

Dana and Scott LeBlanc have been happily married for 6 years and have two biological children, Kara and J.J., ages 4 and 1. Dana has always dreamed of adopting, and Scott was always very open to the idea. They discussed it over the years, but were never fully sure of who, when and where they would adopt from.

When Dana came across Reece’s Rainbow in 2016, she began following the families, their journeys and their experiences of special needs adoption from overseas. She learned of the awful treatment of orphaned babies and children with special needs in other countries. These children are left alone to lay in cribs, with little food and care. If they survive to age 5, they have a very grim future and are transferred to an adult institution where 95% die before age 6.

After advocating and donating for months, Dana could not ignore the strong feeling calling her towards the adoption of these children. Scott had concerns, but kept an open heart, knowing that if the right child came along, he would be more than willing to bring this child into to their family.

For months, Scott and Dana followed adoption stories, watched videos, and saw photos of many children listed for adoption. It was not until April 2017 that Dana saw a video posted by Maya’s Hope, of a little boy in Eastern Europe with Cerebral Palsy. Dana immediately knew this was their son. She showed the video to Scott, and they requested the child’s file for more information. They both fell in love with this little boy, whom they are naming Conner. After many discussions and prayers, they officially committed to Conner’s adoption and already feel that he is a part of their family!

Scott and Dana cannot wait to bring Conner home! They are working as fast as possible to make this happen. Conner is in need of immediate medical and nutritional care, and he has not a moment to waste. Once Conner is home, he will thrive with proper nutrition, medical care, and most importantly LOVE as part of their family.

Scott and Dana have been amazed along this process, seeing God lead a path for them to their son. They have been blessed with families, people and events along the way—opening doors and blessing them with information and guidance that will help them move faster through the mountains of paperwork and comfort them during the rollercoaster ride that is international adoption.

This is a long, extensive and expensive process. Scott and Dana keep the end goal in mind, as they work hard every day to bring Conner home.

Many people question how and why to choose a child, so far away, with such great needs. Scott and Dana looked around their life, and then they looked at their life through the eyes of these orphans—the least of many—and saw how much they truly had. The answer became clear. Of all the love, family, resources, opportunities, and endless blessings in their life that they could offer a child, they still truly feel like they are the lucky ones—to call Conner their son and have him as a part of their family. He will be a blessing unlike any other, and they cannot wait to bring this blessing home!

The LeBlanc’s are forever grateful for all prayers and donations in support of this adoption. Thank you for being a part of this journey to bring their son, Conner, home.


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