PATRICK for the Romero family – MO

Please meet the Romeros. Teresa and Robert are the parents of two girls, a sixteen year old and a four year old. They are a family with strong faith. They always wanted to adopt, it was originally part of their family’s plan. However, they never felt financially secure enough to move forward. This past January Teresa was part of a mission trip to El Salvador. During the trip Teresa worked in very poor communities. The poverty was like nothing the family had previously experienced and Teresa was deeply distressed by the plight of the children. When she returned home, she shared her experiences with her family and they decided it was the right time to move forward with the adoption. The Romeros wanted a child that had special needs and over the age of 2, but also wanted to adopt in birth order so the child needed to be younger than their 4 year old toddler. They were ecstatic when they found the most adorable little guy, called “Patrick” on the agency profile. They inquired about him and had their doctor review his medical records. They were so excited to say “yes” to the adoption of Patrick. They quickly realized they would need to fundraise in order to make their dream a reality and have set up several fundraisers already.

The Romeros are totally committed to loving Patrick and making him part of their family. Please help the Romeros bring Patrick home.


$92.15 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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