Leo Yi

Boy, born 2004
PKU (Phenylketonuria)

Leo has a team of advocates on his side, because we have all fallen in love with this sweet, gentle boy. Leo has PKU; this is a special need where his body does not process protein in a typical manner. Because he has not had a special vegetarian-type diet, his untreated PKU can cause developmental delays. He was hosted last summer, so his host family was able to get good observations on him. His host mom is a teacher, so she’s trained to know what to look for. He has developmental delays, and it’s uncertain how much he’ll learn or catch up when in a nurturing, supportive environment. He did make good progress when he was with his host family. He is flexible in transitions and open to new environments. He slept soundly, and through the night. He followed along with his host family, and enjoyed being with them.

He ages out April, 2018, so he needs a family quickly!

Personality-wise, he is very sweet, gentle, became bonded to his host family. He loves attention, and loves to play. He is silly in a gentle sort of way. He went camping with his host family, and loved it. He bonded well to his family and he interacted with them in a playful manner.

*** Leo has received a $10,000 Older Child Grant ***