ALVARO for the Klassen Family — Canada

Jason and Celeste Klassen were kids when they first met, but have now been married for 6 years. Once they decided they were ready for kids of their own, they decided to be a little unconventional! They wanted to start their family by adopting a child that needed a home, instead of making another one. They knew they wanted to adopt a child who needed medical care, but they didn’t understand this was “special needs.”

Once their homestudy was done in early 2015, they settled in for a long wait in the Bulgaria program. They were matched with sweet “Tenley” from RR almost immediately! “Tenley” – now Siobhan – came home in December of 2015. She was 4 years old, tiny, non-verbal, not mobile, and had a host of medical needs. Just over a year later she never stops talking or running around their little house. Her successful surgeries post-adoption have made her medical concerns a second thought.

The Klassen family knew they would adopt again, but due to unfortunate circumstances during most of 2016, they were not expecting to adopt again so soon. They made the decision after much prayer and felt very strongly that this was the right thing to do! This means that they have a significantly larger portion of their adoption to fundraise than last time. Every $10 will pay some postage, every $30 will cover a notarization, every $100 will dent an agency fee!

Jason, Celeste, and Siobhan are so excited to bring home a sibling very soon! They are fundraising hard and are so grateful for the support!

8/16/2017 — TRAVELING SEPT 10

$2,435.68 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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