ADLEY for the Seay family — PA

Brian and Cortney are excited to go back to Eastern Europe to adopt another child with special needs. A little over four years ago, they adopted two children with special needs, a son with Down Syndrome and a daughter with cerebral palsy, from the same country. This came after God opened their eyes to how children with special needs were languishing in orphanages, and they realized that He had equipped them to help.  After struggling with infertility, they are eager to build their family through the gift of adoption once again. They were smitten the first time they saw Adley’s photo and it was soon after that they realized he would be the perfect addition to their family.

The Seays want to thank all their family and friends who have helped them not only in the process of adopting their first children, but have also helped in the joy of raising them! Mostly they want to thank Jesus for saving us, calling us into His marvelous light, and enabling us to follow Him into His unexpected (and wonderful) plan for their lives.

9/29/2017 — APPOINTMENT in OCT
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Adley has received a $333.50 Waiting Child Grant.