MARI ROSE for the Collins family — AZ

Lee and Diana Collins met while on a high school graduation trip in 1994, and they knew right away that fate had brought them together! Over the next 23 years as a couple, 18 years of marriage, Lee and Diana created their fairy tale life.

They were blessed with three amazing biological children – two sons, ages 15 and 16, and one 8 year old daughter. Lee and Diana absolutely LOVE being parents, so naturally the thought of adding to their family has always been a topic of conversation.
They have an abundance of experience with children of all abilities through their work, and they have so much love to give.

While most people look forward to their children growing older and eventually moving out, Diana and Lee have always been quite the opposite. They have never felt the need for “easier days”, in fact, their best memories are filled with the laughter, chaos, and love, that only a house full of children can provide!

Through their connections with the special needs community, the Collins learned about Reece’s Rainbow. In their search, both of their hearts sank when they found their baby-to-be named “Mari Rose”. It was meant to be to find that beautiful little angel and she will be an extremely loved baby sister.

Their precious baby-to-be had heart surgery a few months ago, and she was all alone. The thought of her being alone any longer has been crushing to the Collins family, so they are rushing through their paperwork and fundraising to get their baby home as soon as possible! They need to hold her in their arms and make sure she finally knows that from here on out, everything is going to be ok…she is home with her family forever.


$63.05 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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