KOLBE for the Quick family — MI

Christina and Bill have been blessed with eight biological children. Although for some people that’s “more than enough,” they do not look at life that way. It’s been quite a few years that they have been thinking about making their family even more blessed by adding one or more children with special needs to it. They have been following the journeys of friends who adopted challenged kids, and they both felt that was something they definitely wanted to do as well. Yet, their plans were placed on hold when in 2015 Christina was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thanks be to God, treatment was successful, and now Christina can consider herself cancer free. When she asked her oncologist for a letter specifically stating that she was medically fit to start an adoption process, the physician did not hesitate to say yes and give her a bill of good health. Still the Quicks decided not to be so extremely quick and give themselves a little more time following Christina’s treatment. Despite such determination, she kept on longingly going over the little faces of waiting children listed on Reece’s Rainbow. The family fell in love with a little girl with cerebral palsy in Eastern Europe. Sadly after months of thinking of her as their own, they were not able to proceed with adopting her. Their hearts were broken. After much searching and contemplation about how and when to proceed with adopting, one sunny morning, Christina saw a picture of a newborn baby boy with Down syndrome. The family knew right away that this child was the one meant for their family all along. The country they are adopting from now, is a quick process. They may be able to bring him home in 6 months if all the paperwork goes well! This leaves little time to fundraise, but time cannot be wasted as their new little boy has a heart defect that needs to be monitored and possibly fixed by experienced doctors here in the USA. We hope you will follow the Quicks along in this journey to bring home this sweet little baby and consider helping in whatever way you can.

8/7/2017 — APPT on AUG 15

$5,170.48 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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