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Boy, born 2014
Down syndrome

Listed: March 2017

Austin likes to make faces at himself in the mirror, smiling or opening his eyes and mouth wide. A restless and active boy, he is quite interested in new things, and he laughs loudly when he’s happy. Austin is diagnosed with Down syndrome, and he has no other known medical needs. His voice is low, he doesn’t scream or shout, and although he doesn’t yet speak, if he needs something he lets his nannies know by making sounds or crying. His caregivers can easily tell how he feels by the sound of his voice, and he responds appropriately to their facial expressions. When praised he is happy, and when scolded he gets very quiet. By October 2016 he could crawl, sit on his own, and go up and down stairs by holding onto the railing. If Austin doesn’t like something he’ll refuse it by just not moving, and his caregivers all now understand that this means he doesn’t want it! When he sleeps, he sucks on two of his fingers, and his nanny will sneak over later and move his hand out of his mouth once he’s asleep. This cheerful little fellow needs a family who will give him all the care and attention he needs!

The agency who currently holds Austin’s file is offering a $4000 grant.

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