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Ellery #

 Girl: 2004

Diagnoses:  Spina bifida aperta, infantile cerebral palsy, internal hydrocephaly, mild mental delay and delay in neuro-psychological development

Ellery was born with spina bifida aperta (determined to be inoperable and necessitating conservative treatment and placement of a sterile bandage every day), Meningomyelocele lumbosacralils, Rashischisis, infantile cerebral palsy, internal hydrocephaly, hypotrophy, mild mental delay and delay in neuro-psychological development.  Her gross motor skills are not developed and her fine motor skills are developed. The notions and perceptions regarding color, shape and size are present. Her attention is not that stable and concentrating is difficult for her. Her memory is mechanic, and her thinking is with normal development and good associative ability.  Ellery is emotionally stable and rarely exhibits displeasure. She is not aggressive nor self-aggressive. Ellery is communicative, inquisitive and willingly participates in different activities.   She is eager to learn and asks questions and takes part in conversations.  Ellery likes to play with blocks, stuffed animals, dolls, read books and color.

Because we only have this child’s file for a short time, she will not be able to receive donations until a family is found for him.

More photos/file are available from his agency

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