TALIA for the Pehl family — AZ

The Pehl family is adopting again!  This adventurous family began their adoption journey only 5 years ago.  Their first daughter was born and God immediately placed the plight of the fatherless on their hearts.  They were heartbroken that there were children just like their daughter, just as important as her, just as precious as her, just as loved by God as her who didn’t have parents to love them.  They knew they had to do something.  Five years into their journey, they have two biological children and four adopted children.

The Pehl’s first international adoption was a hard experience for them.  They face nearly every hurdle, roadblock, and heartbreak including having their legally adopted children become “stuck” in a foreign country for nearly three years.  After getting them safely home they really felt like they would never adopt internationally again … but God!  God started stirring Rachel’s heart towards the orphan again.  Rachel felt a burden she could not ignore … a burden for the fatherless, for the special needs child that so few saw value in.  She quietly started doing her research and talking to Gavin who needed a little coaxing.

Finally they decided they would search for a country where they could adopt a baby… under two … make the transition home a little easier on everyone … but God!  Once again the Lord changed their plans and showed them a girl with little brown eyes and big black curls!  Her hair was wild but her disposition peaceful.  She wasn’t a baby but instead the same age as their firstborn who changed their lives forever.  They were hooked, they were in love, they decided to make her their own.  Just 8 months after bringing their domestically adopted son home they are trusting in the Lord to provide every step of the way and excited to see how he does it!

Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at pehladoption2.blogspot.com

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