HAINES for the Holloway family — FL

 photo fwbutton150.pngThe small seed of adoption was planted in the Holloway family during an annual dinner for a local ministry in 2010 and soon blossomed into a growing awareness that God was not done creating their family yet.  Married for five years and raising their three children in the panhandle of Florida, Lenny and Roberta started the process to adopt a child with special needs from China in 2011 but listening to God’s prompting, changed their path to domestic infant adoption.  Their family was thrilled to welcome baby Zoe into their family in Spring 2013 and they continue an open adoption relationship with her birth parents.  But Lenny and Roberta knew in their hearts their family wasn’t yet complete.  Roberta would sit in the nursery, rocking Zoe in the early hours of the morning and knew God was calling them to adopt again.  Roberta says, “At that time, my only prayer was OK, but not yet.”  In the fall of 2015 they knew it was time again, but felt drawn to teenagers who were running out of time to find a family.  Lenny says, “With both of us working in local law enforcement we have seen how important family, good role models, and a support system are and what a positive impact in can make, even if it’s later in life.” They completed the process to adopt from state foster care, but again felt God calling them in a different direction.  They became aware of a teenage boy who needed a family through friends who had adopted a sibling group of 3 from the same orphanage in Eastern Europe.  They saw his picture, knew he was supposed to be a part of their family and started the process in February 2017 to bring him home.  They are flying through the paperwork and praying to welcome him home this year.

11/14/2017 — COURT on 12/20

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