CARL for the Rook family — GA

 photo fwbutton150.pngJamie and Kristina Rook are high school sweet hearts who knew from the moment they were married that a large family was a definite desire. After the first year of marriage they were told that they would not be able to have children due to Kristina’s PCOS diagnosis. By God’s grace they were wrong. Through the help of fertility drugs they were blessed with their first child after many losses. There were a total of 16 in utero losses throughout the years. They are currently the parents of 4 amazing children. God blessed them with 4 happy healthy and loving children but he placed the desire in their hearts and their children to have more. They prayed and spoke about adoption for many years even in the process of having their other children. Searching through photo after photo of children awaiting a family was really tough for them and led them down a few dead end roads. God had a different plan and he opened up their hearts to little Carl on RR and even though they had never met him, their lives have been forever changed simply by his innocent smile.


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