EMMA JANE for the Kelley family — TN

emma-janeDaniel and Stacy have 5 children at home (Noah-7, Zoey-7, Eli-5, Selah-4, and Emma-3) and one daughter in Heaven. Daniel works for Nissan and Stacy homeschools. They enjoy their life out in the country and spending time outdoors.

They are perhaps considered experienced adoptive parents as Zoey and Selah were both adopted and have been home for a year. They experienced a miraculous homecoming with their girls, as Zoey arrived from China and Selah arrived from Congo on the exact same day. Their journey getting to that point was filled with years of waiting and heartbreak. But they serve a faithful God and they are amazed not only at the way their children came home but also in the way they have seamlessly blended into the family.

Even with their ‘hands full’ as everyone seems to say, they felt the call to go back for another child with Down syndrome. After seeing the children and the need first hand, they could not turn away. And after seeing Zoey and Selah blossom before their very eyes, their minds constantly went back to the untold numbers of children waiting in orphanages.

Then they saw her face. ‘Emma Jane’ was easy to say ‘yes’ to and they can’t wait to add her to their family. She is a jewel. A bright light. Pure joy. And they are thankful they get to be her forever family. All of the kids are so excited as well! So while they are not new to adoption and not naive to the challenges ahead, they also personally know the joy that awaits.

They are so thankful for the prayers as well as the emotional and financial support they receive along the way.


$2,100.00 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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Emma Jane has received a $150 Waiting Child Grant.