LUCY for the Speelman family — OH

 photo fwbutton150.pnglucy speelman-famThis is the Speelman’s second adoption. They have three boys, two biological boys and their third son who was adopted from Asia in 2014. The summer of 2016 they determined they still had a child waiting in Asia and Ginny began looking. She stumbled upon a little girl but due to changes in their family it was not a good time to start an adoption. J.T. started a new job in September and on the first day of his new job they decided to request the paperwork of the little girl who had now been waiting most of the summer. After extensive research on her medical conditions and treatment options they decided the Speelman family was a good fit for this child and began the adoption process a second time around.

Lucy likes to listen to music, gets along well with other children, likes to play outside on swings and slides, prefers to play with other kiddos than alone and is described as a fighter full of spunk. The boys are thrilled to be getting a little sister!  The Speelmans cannot wait to get their little fighter home where she will have a family to fight with her!

The Speelmans request your prayers for Lucy’s health, speedy paperwork process, safe travel, adoption finances, and for Lucy to be prepared for a family.

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